Sugar Extensions is a packaging box dedicated to hair extensions from Sugar's Hair Shop, an online hair store.
 This is a project worked on with the owner of the company, Hilary Pitter. 
Illustration, Packaging box and business cards are included.
Sugars Extensions

This is not my photography.

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Main Box.

This was the main box color of Sugars Extensions' line of hair extensions. Color is matte powder pink and dark space gray.

Original Box Color.

The initial color of the extensions line is eggshell yellow and a gloss pink. This was supposed to embody the idea of plain vanilla ice cream with pink sprinkles. These boxes would come with matching thank you cards with an aftercare guide on the back.

Limited Edition Box Color.

The limited edition colors are silver and light gray.

The powder pink on the headers and candy icons stay the same to keep the original playfulness.




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