Above is the animated logo (motion graphics created from
After Effects) and below is regular maximized still version of the logo (created in Illustrator). I used the colors Golden Tainoi and Flamingo to convey feelings of trust, loyalty, youthful, bold, togetherness, focused and confident. The gradient ring is in relation to how we view trackers and creates depth for the connection between ring and the golden circle which is a bond between people. The logo is designed for a tech start up which specializes in gamifying a way to induce better habits in people with lateness and punctuality.
Style Guide.
I have created a brand style guide and an in-depth brand guideline that fits brand motto, story and mission with the logo being a part of them. Everything is created to cater to the light and youthful feeling that the CEO wants captured in the brand and how we perceive to others.
Due to unfinished process and/or company privacy, 
some links on this page will be password-protected.
If you do wish to see some work,
please contact me for the password at:
Experience in using WIX Website Builder and created a seamless landing page and the Team page.
Keynote Presentation.
The ring and the circle
both found each other in the end.
This was my first experience using Keynote as a design based work tool.
This was a general template I created for different kinds of presentations with different assets & placeholder text throughout the slides.
I also created a reading and pitch deck for the company.





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